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Pipeline and gathering projects are some of the most complex in the oil and gas industry. When transmission, loop, and associated projects cross jurisdictional boundaries, a specialist that understands how to address unavoidable wetland, stream and habitat impacts and accelerate permit timing is imperative.

RES helps these companies to make sure that they understand the preferences of the regulatory districts their projects encounter. Our goal is to supply the quickest and easiest mitigation solution within a time frame that fits your operational goals.

Additionally, RES collaborates with your environmental consulting partners to help assess the offset requirement based upon your chosen route. As the route changes, RES’ team of biologists, regulatory professionals, and GIS analysts will update your forecasted need and adjust it accordingly.

When your project reaches the critical decision point, RES acts quickly to ensure your offset supply is available to you promptly so that your permits get approved and construction can begin.

To learn about our services for temporary impacts, visit the Post-Construction Restoration page.


Pipelines and Gathering

  • Energy Transfer: Tiger Pipeline
  • Enterprise Cypress Gas Pipeline
  • Enterprise Acadian Haynesville
  • Regency Elm Grove Loop, Bienville Loop, and Winnesboro Loop
  • Denbury Green Pipeline
  • Centerpoint Energy Various Pipelines and Gathering

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    • Resource Environmental Solutions Acquires Environmental Banc & Exchange res_logo_thumb

      Resource Environmental Solutions (RES) announced today that it has acquired Environmental Banc & Exchange (EBX), a US-based company specialized in providing customized mitigation and ecological offset solutions to clients with impacts to natural resources throughout the Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Appalachian states.