How We Work

A Unique Operating Model

To meet a new kind of challenge, we built a different kind of company.

RES is neither an investment fund, an environmental consulting firm, nor a traditional mitigation banker. The new era of restoring ecosystems for long-term self-sufficiency requires a fresh, innovative way of doing business.


Scaled for Efficiency

We understand that covering all aspects of a project, both on the ground and behind the scenes, helps clients meet and exceed their objectives. We built our way of doing business around that full set of needs. In doing so, we changed the way the industry thinks about turnkey and full-delivery.

It starts with our operating-company model, which is unique in the industry. We scaled our company to cover the project lifecycle from beginning to end, all with in-house teams and robust, flexible project financing options.


Full-delivery Projects

A typical RES project integrates design & build, but goes much further:

  • Optimize site selection and secure land
  • Study requirements for targeted ecosystems to become self-sustaining
  • Design and build with a tightly integrated process
  • Monitor and maintain to ensure long-term sustainability

With a line of sight across the entire lifecycle, RES delivers projects with unparalleled quality and predictability. No one has more experience or approaches our track record of success with turnkey, full-delivery ecological restoration projects.


Scaled for Good

Wancopin Stream Restoration

We’ve also worked hard to make our model scale easily from small- to mega-sized projects. This means each client is part of a growing quilt work of positive environmental gains, while our largest projects create uplifts in biodiversity and water quality at the watershed scale.

Our goal is to be the trusted implementation partner and long-term steward for every project, actively carrying out our clients’ commitment to create an environmental legacy for future generations.

Wancopin Stream Restoration

Naturally Committed to Safety

We’re dedicated to the health of our lands — and to the well-being of our people. It’s why we arm every employee with the training it takes to mitigate risks of all types.