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Meet our Veterans

Meet other former service members who have put their skills and knowledge to use to positively impact RES projects around the country.


Ansley Tilley, PE

Director, Alternative Delivery Solutions | Florida
US Air Force | Captain

Why did you join the military?

I come from a military family, with representation from every branch of service. I always felt it was my duty and an honor to serve my country. The men in my family before me fought for freedom, and I knew that after 9/11 there was no way I was sitting on the sidelines.

Tell us about the skills you acquired in the military that apply to the job you are doing now?

Being in the military taught me that leadership isn’t learned and that the best leaders know when to follow AND when to lead.

And more importantly, I learned as a military officer, your number one asset is your people. Take care of your team, and they will take care of you.

What would you tell other veterans who are looking to work at RES?

I always sought positions after my military service that had a larger purpose. RES provides that kind of work. Work with Purpose!


Bill Pritchett

Assistant General Counsel | Corporate
US Navy | Lieutenant
US Navy Reserves | Lieutenant Commander

Why did you join the military?
I attended the US Naval Academy for my undergraduate education. Upon graduation, I was commissioned an Ensign in the Navy.

It’s part of my family history; my grandfather, father, and brothers all served. “If you can serve, then you should” was a value instilled in us as kids., We were taught to appreciate our blessings, including the country we live in. Serving in the military was a small part I could do to show this appreciation.

How did you feel about leaving the military?
Like many, I was excited but anxious about leaving the military after wearing the uniform since I was 18. I was about to start a new chapter in my life. I decided to attend law school after all that time in the Navy, and I credit my wife for giving me the support and faith to help me.

How did (does) your military experience affect your life today?
My career in the military continues to touch every aspect of my life today. I’m grateful for the experiences and the people I met around the country and world. It helped me gain perspective and to appreciate the people in my life.

What brought you to RES?
After law school, I was in private practice. I learned a lot working on complex transactions and issues. However, I was looking to be part of a team, and I was missing that aspect from the military. The more I learned about RES the more enthusiastic I became about the company; I decided to join the team in September 2020.

What would you tell other veterans who are looking to work at RES?
If you want to work for a company that does something you believe in, this is a great place for you. Additionally, the camaraderie and friendships you develop are a bonus.

Tell us about the skills you acquired in the military that apply to the job you are doing now?
We made things happen in the Navy; you knew the goals of your unit but didn’t always know exactly how you would achieve them. We were taught not to give up and to continue to strive towards that goal no matter what. At RES, we take on a similar approach. We try all creative means to reach the goals we pursue.