Places > Chappy’s Ridge Nutrient Bank

Chappy’s Ridge Nutrient Bank

  • Virginia
  • Campbell County
  • Nutrient: 315.96 IBS
Service Territory
  • Wetlands, Streams or Nutrients: Roanoke River Basin
  • Species & Related Habitats: California black rail

The goal of this 315.96-acre nutrient bank located in Campbell County is to reduce nutrient (phosphorus) and sediment loading into the Roanoke River watershed via the conversion of active agricultural land into forest; and generate non-point nutrient credits for transfer under existing and future federal, state and local law, programs, regulations and guidance. The site primarily consists of a mix of active agriculture and undeveloped forest. This site is within the twelve-digit hydrologic unit code (HUC) 030101011505 within the Roanoke River Basin. Specifically, the Roanoke River is the principle drainage for eight-digit HUC 03010101.