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Chewbacca Mitigation Bank

  • Tennessee
  • McMinn County
  • Streams: 7,800 LF
Service Territory
  • Wetlands, Streams or Nutrients: 06020002-Hiwassee | 06020001-Middle Tennessee-Chickamauga | 06010201-Watts Bar Lake

The Chewbacca Mitigation Bank is in McMinn County, Tennessee. The Bank will encompass approximately 148.3 acres within the Hiwassee (HUC 8 – 06020002) watershed. The project is also proposed to serve the Middle Tennessee-Chickamauga (HUC 8 – 06020001), and Watts Bar Lake watersheds (HUC 8 – 06010201) within the state of Tennessee. It will incorporate approximately 7,812 linear feet of intermittent and perennial stream channels.