Places > Holy Cross Abbey Nutrient Bank

Holy Cross Abbey Nutrient Bank

  • Virginia
  • Clarke County
  • Nutrient: 1160 IBS
Service Territory
  • Wetlands, Streams or Nutrients: Potomac River Basin

The goal of this 1,160-acre nutrient bank site located in Clarke County is the conversion of active agricultural land (row crops, hay, and pasture) located within the property limits into a less intensive land use condition; reduce nutrient (phosphorus) and sediment loading into the Chesapeake Bay via tributaries located within the Property through the conversion of active agricultural land; improve the water quality, in-stream habitat, bank stability and riparian vegetation conditions of the stream reaches located within the property as well as downstream reaches; generate non-point nutrient credits for transfer under existing and future federal, state and local programs, regulations and guidance; and the development of wildlife corridors to increase habitat connectivity between existing forested tracts. This site is located within Virginia HUC 02070007.