With every project we touch, RES believes in protecting the essential elements of nature while promoting responsible human progress. It’s just one of the reasons we’re the nation’s only fully scaled operating company dedicated to ecological restoration and water resource solutions.

From ensuring the resilience of water quality following a storm surge, to ensuring biodiversity can thrive in the path of development — RES can be relied on to create a winning solution for both people and nature.


An Assembly of Talent

Our Team

Restoration and water resource projects are complex, with long timetables. We set goals early in our history for how much of the lifecycle our in-house teams should be capable of covering. 

The answer? All of it. From early studies, through design, build and long-term monitoring. It’s the only path to the outcomes we strive for.

We pair biologists with GIS gurus, and connect stream designers and construction pros with legal and regulatory mavens. When we bring the whole team together under one roof, we achieve our primary goal – robust, self-sustaining ecological sites with guaranteed performance.

Our Team

Scaled for Any Challenge

We specialize in projects of any size while ensuring the impact on people, wildlife and the surrounding environment is minimal.

 We can tackle wetland, stream, and species mitigation from the park-sized to the landscape scale. For stormwater clients, we deliver creative solutions that address issues at a single outfall or throughout an entire watershed. When it comes to natural infrastructure and coastal resiliency initiatives — RES is part of a national conversation.

Our Solutions


Thinking Locally

What is the best design to restore a degraded stream? Or the best type of forest to encourage the breeding of critical species? It depends on whom you ask — and where that person lives.

We’ve built our success on understanding regulator and stakeholder needs at the national, regional, and local levels — while never sacrificing our dedication to curbing environmental impact.

Balancing these often complex and competing agendas is instrumental to how we work. It is why we invest in having expert staff, all devoted to our company’s mission, across the country.