Public Works & Coastal Resiliency

Stabilizing Shorelines, Protecting Assets.

Rising seas and the impacts of large storms are making our country’s coastal and inland stream communities and ecosystems more vulnerable. Coastal restoration efforts – to protect critical infrastructure, build community resiliency and protect water quality – are often the work of community coalitions as well as federal, state, and local governments. Coastal master plans typically include both built infrastructure, such as locks and levees, and natural infrastructure, such as living shorelines, beach restoration, and marsh restoration.

As an accomplished ecological restoration company, RES is a natural design and implementation partner for a community’s coastal master plan or special initiatives. Our experience in natural infrastructure spans stream resilience projects, innovative stormwater management, and a range of shoreline stabilization techniques.

As an integrated operating company with a robust coastal nursery, we design and implement project sites with high survival rates and maintain them for the long-term. Our operating company structure allows us to cover the full project lifecycle, under fixed price contracts, and guarantee project performance fully supported by surety bonding. We work with governments agencies at every level to support projects that protect our vital coastlines and the vulnerable communities that depend on their stability.



  • Marsh creation
  • Living shorelines
  • Stream resilience solutions
  • Dune restoration
  • Barrier island restoration
  • Custom native grass and tree propagation
  • Thin layer marsh restoration
  • Innovative stormwater management
  • Green infrastructure
  • Deep investment in safety standards and procedures