Stormwater Management & Nutrient Reduction

Solutions Through Innovation.

RES Stormwater Management and Nutrient Reduction Solutions provide cost effective permit compliance, while reducing long-term O&M liability and risk. Through three distinct innovations, our nature-based systems enhance area aesthetics and resiliency:

Nature-based BMPs. We have a unique ability to integrate the elements of design and construction. By maintaining continuity between these elements and drawing on our extensive internal expertise, RES can deliver cost-effective stormwater solutions without compromising quality. Green BMPs mimic natural processes, improving ecological services and driving down maintenance costs over time as they mature.

We have a national portfolio of proven green infrastructure solutions designed to satisfy stormwater permit requirements, including NPDES and state regulatory compliance, while providing ancillary benefits to surrounding ecosystems and communities.

Providing a true end-to-end solution, we deliver practical and low maintenance solutions for BMP facilities after construction has ended. For existing SWM BMP facilities, we offer annual inspections, routine maintenance and reporting, and large scale retrofit services to ensure proper function and long-term compliance.

Full-delivery. We provide turnkey, end-to-end solution delivery, encompassing land, design, construction, and monitoring at whatever the desired scale—from a single outfall to a broad program covering a region or watershed. This full-delivery approach gives RES a line-of-sight across the entire lifecycle of the project, affording our clients the benefit of both cost savings and budgetary certainty. This coupled with a performance-based contracting approach, facilitates the transfer of risk and liability from our clients onto RES.

Payment flexibility.
RES backs every project with a range of solutions that best fit financing and procurement needs. We pioneered the stormwater industry’s use of “pay for performance” contracts that comprehend project completion milestones and long-term costs, not just initial design and build. Our programmatic management model makes RES responsible for maintaining and monitoring stormwater infrastructure, allowing for clients’ day-to-day or long-term oversight. We offer surety bonding as well, for projects of any size. Whichever contract structure you prefer, the result is an efficient transfer of compliance risk for a fixed price.



  • Nutrient reduction implementation planning and execution
  • Land area conversion management planning and implementation
  • Site preparation and restorative planting


  • Mitigation design, planning and development
  • Site protective instrument protecting site in perpetuity
  • Site preparation and restorative planting
  • Ecologically restorative planting

BMP Types

  • Stormwater retention ponds (wet or dry)
  • Bioretention facilities
  • Wetland-enhanced BMPs
  • Sand filters
  • Buffer planting/enhancement
  • Regenerative stormwater conveyances
  • Floating wetlands
  • Bioswales
  • Infiltration planters
  • Underground detention vaults
  • Permeable pavement/pavers