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Applied Ecological Services

Applied Ecological Services (AES) joined RES in February 2021 as one of the nation’s longest-standing ecological restoration firms and a leader in applying the science of ecology to land-use decisions. For more than 40 years, AES has been committed to protecting and restoring the ecological health of our shared natural environment.

Established in 1978 by Steven Apfelbaum in Brodhead, WI, AES’s earliest restorations were groundbreaking remediation projects for which Apfelbaum designed reclamation plans and invented new techniques for implementation. Because no source existed for native seed and plants, he collected native grass and forb seed in the wild to establish a nursery that could produce vegetation materials to accomplish his reclamation plans.

From these humble beginnings, AES and Taylor Creek Restoration Nurseries became leaders in the burgeoning field of ecological restoration.

AES design, construction, and nursery professionals bring to RES comprehensive, coordinated expertise in ecological science, natural area restoration, geospatial services, sustainable ecological engineering, and landscape architecture.