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Experienced Team, Trusted Measures

When listed species are present, RES Species Habitat Mitigation Solutions deliver the certainty of a streamlined permit at a fixed price. RES delivers mitigation or conservation measures that are trusted by regulators and support long-term species recovery.


Delivering species offset solutions


A predictable process amidst uncertainty.

Species are regulated at the federal level, and often the state or local agency level, making the determination challenging.

RES helps you design, assemble, and deliver a species offset solution that moves through the permitting process very rapidly, even in regions where protocols are still maturing.

We are uniquely positioned to predictively address uncertainties in how listed species are handled under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and/or state programs, based on our strong national and local relationships with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) and other regulators, as well as the scientific community.


Focused on providing a total stewardship solution.

RES has an end-to-end operating company structure specifically focused on providing a total stewardship solution.

From assembling land quickly, using a proprietary screening approach, to providing fixed-pricing up front, our structure enables robust collaboration across disciplines, shorter project timelines, and an ecologically rich final product supporting the species of concern.

It also allows us to confidently offer surety bonding to clients, furthering the transfer of your regulatory risk.



  • Mitigation or conservation measures for terrestrial, avian, freshwater, and marine species
  • Project impact analysis and extensive knowledge of various methodologies
  • Habitat conservation plan implementation
  • Habitat and travel corridor protection and land set-asides
  • In-house species experience and expertise
  • Strong relationships with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and other agencies’ field office staff
  • Committed presence in key geographies that allows us to assemble pre-validated sites quickly
  • In-house land teams, including GIS analysts
  • Ability to handle large, integrated stream/ wetlands/species projects
  • Deep investment in safety standards and procedures

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