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Streamlined Permits, Rich Ecologies, Predictable Costs

Our Wetland & Stream Mitigation Solutions enable a clear path to project permits by delivering credits at any required scale and of such high quality that we back them with a guarantee.


RES effectively absorbs the regulatory risk for our clients.

RES is uniquely structured to deliver timely mitigation credits that also endure the test of time, all under fixed-price contracts.

We offer end-to-end turnkey solutions and have assembled in-house all the interrelated capabilities needed to move quickly, build high-performing sites, and control costs.

We implement projects at every scale, including large areas of impact that may require both wetland and stream mitigation.


RES guarantees the performance of our projects.

Our teams have deep knowledge, across wide geographies, of nuances in Section 404 permitting of the Clean Water Act, as well as specific understandings of state-level factors in watersheds across regulated districts.

Among regulators, RES has a reputation for high-quality mitigation solutions, whether in the form of bank credits or permittee-responsible mitigations (PRMs).

RES guarantees the performance of our projects and can offer the security of surety bonding even for the largest, landscape-scale projects.



  • Turnkey, full delivery including integrated design and build
  • Speed that matches commercial needs of the project
  • Experienced in-house land and GIS teams
  • Fixed prices and guaranteed performance
  • Ability to handle large, mixed stream/wetlands/species projects
  • Committed presence in watersheds across wide geographies
  • Strong regulatory relationships and government affairs support
  • Deep investment in safety, setting the bar in our industry for the highest operational standards
  • Long-term ownership and stewardship

Habitats & Restoration Methods





  • Bottomland hardwood wetlands
  • Cypress-tupelo swamps
  • Emergent wetlands
  • Forested wetlands
  • Marsh wetlands
  • Pine savannas
  • Tidal wetlands
  • Vernal pools
  • Seasonal wetlands
  • Successional wetlands
  • Fen wetlands

  • Floodplain
  • High gradient streams
  • Natural channel design
  • Stream channel
  • Watershed-scale stream and floodplain
  • Beneficial use dredge placement and restoration



Case Studies