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First Commercial Mitigation Bank in Pennsylvania

September 10, 2013

Resource Environmental Solutions, L.L.C. (RES), announces the opening of the Upper Susquehanna River Mitigation Bank Phase 1. This key milestone follows approval by the all three Corps Districts governing Pennsylvania – Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh on July 2, 2013 of the Pennsylvania Statewide Umbrella Mitigation Instrument (PSUMBI).

The Upper Susquehanna River Mitigation Bank Phase 1, located approximately 6.5 miles northwest of Westfield, in Potter County, Pennsylvania, includes restoration of all stream channels onsite and the rehabilitation or conservation of their associated riparian zones. The resulting credits will be used to compensate for unavoidable wetland and stream impacts from permitted project activity in the watershed under the Clean Water Act, Rivers and Harbors Act and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Chapters 102, 105 and 106 regulatory programs.

The Bank’s service area, which covers the Upper Susquehanna River Sub-basin (State Water Plan Watershed Sub-basin 4) includes portions of Potter, Tioga, Bradford, Susquehanna, Wyoming and Lackawanna counties. Ecological restoration of aquatic functions at the Site will result in improvements to wildlife habitat, water quality flood conveyance and storage and erosion control through the implementation of natural channel design, vegetative cover and long-term land protection. The watershed itself benefits from site restoration by retention of surface water runoff, stream flow maintenance, nutrient cycling, aquatic productivity, and the reduction of non-point source pollution (nutrients and suspended solids) originating from agricultural activities.

“Mitigation takes marginalized wetlands and restores them to their full ecological capability…this is a real positive benefit to the environment. Before, there was no commercial mitigation solution in Pennsylvania. RES worked jointly with Williams on a successful pilot project that supplied mitigation credits required for permits associated with our Springville Gathering System. RES did their job efficiently and with good follow through,” noted Williams’ director of land, GIS and permitting, Clayton Roesler.

RES chief executive officer Elliott Bouillion said, “For nearly three years, the RES team has been working diligently with regulators to bring commercial ecological solutions to Pennsylvania. With PSUMBI approval and the availability of mitigation credits to support project permitting for energy infrastructure development, RES is uniquely positioned to supply our clients now and in the future. Ecological stewardship is a hallmark of successful restoration activities. RES is recognized as a leader in wetland and stream restoration with over 22,000 wetland acres and 15 stream miles restored and protected under conservation easements.”