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Jose Marti Park Project Achieves Waterfront Edge Design Guideline Verification

June 15, 2023

Miami, FL – Curtis & Rogers Design Studio, in collaboration with an exceptional design team, Cummins Cederberg, Inc. and RES (formerly E Sciences, Inc.) has successfully achieved WEDG® (Waterfront Edge Design Guidelines) verification for the visionary Jose Marti Park project. Developed by the Waterfront Alliance, a New York-based organization and leader in coastal resilience, waterfront access, and design, the WEDG® program sets the gold standard for resilient, accessible, and ecologically sound waterfront design. This significant accomplishment demonstrates their commitment to local resilience solutions, positioning them as leaders in the field.

“We are excited to announce that Jose Marti Park has achieved WEDG® Verification, going above and beyond in waterfront resilience and risk reduction,” said Waterfront Alliance President and CEO, Cortney Koenig Worrall. “This outstanding undertaking embodies the commitment the City of Miami and the design team have for WEDG’s rigorous standards for climate resilience, ecology, and accessibility at the water’s edge. We recognize the project’s commitment to innovation in waterfront design in the face of climate change. As the first site in the state of Florida to earn WEDG Verification, we are thrilled Jose Marti Park will be an excellent model for future waterfront projects to come.

Recognizing the value of WEDG® as a transformative tool for designers, developers, risk and finance professionals, and local governments, Curtis + Rogers Design Studio brought this innovative approach to the table. “We were captivated by the potential impact of WEDG® on redefining waterfronts in South Florida,” said Aida Curtis, Founding Principal of Curtis + Rogers. “With WEDG®, we confidently create waterfront environments that not only withstand the challenges of climate change but also enhance public enjoyment and foster a harmonious relationship with nature.”

The design of the Jose Marti Park project incorporates hybrid forms of infrastructure to adapt to the water’s edge. Key elements include retrofitting existing seawalls, constructing new seawalls, implementing living shorelines/living seawalls, creating a floating boardwalk with viewing platforms, developing a Riverwalk with pervious pavement and underground water retention infrastructure, sculpting uplands to incorporate bioswales, rain gardens, exfiltration trenches, raised berms, and integrating native tree canopy and appropriate groundcovers to maximize water capture and filtration into the river and water table.

As the first project in the State of Florida and only the second outside New York to achieve WEDG® Verification, the Jose Marti Park project now stands as the twelfth nationally verified project to meet the highest standards.

“We sincerely appreciate and recognize the dedicated professionals who contributed to the successful verification of this project. Their exceptional efforts and expertise played a crucial role in its accomplishment,” stated Mariana Boldu, Director of Resilience Design at Curtis + Rogers Design Studio. “Now, let’s pause and shine a spotlight on the project’s WEDG Heroes.”