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RES Completes 8th Planting Season

10 Million Restorative Trees Planted Since 2008

June 14, 2016

Ecological Restoration Services, L.L.C., a wholly- owned subsidiary of Resource Environmental Solutions, L.L.C. (RES), has completed the restorative planting of over 1.4 million trees during the winter 2015-2016 planting season on company properties throughout our eight-state operating region. During this period, RES confirms the planting of our 10- millionth restorative stem at our Edgecliff Nutrient Reduction site in the Potomac watershed of Virginia.

Restoration properties include wetland and stream mitigation banks, custom-developed wetland and stream mitigation solutions and nutrient-filtering converted-agricultural lands and riparian zone areas throughout Gulf Coast, Appalachian, Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern states. Vegetative plantings in wetland ecosystems included many bottomland hardwoods such as oak, hickory, pecan and elm and also bald- cypress and tupelo-gum species.

According to the World Wildlife Fund, after tropical forests, wetlands are the second most endangered habitat in the world and are in serious decline now because of agricultural and commercial development. Wetlands have numerous practical uses including flood control and protection, water quality and availability, erosion control, fish and wildlife habitats, and recreation.

RES delivers ecological restoration services that provide significant improvement to aquatic resources and watershed functions by restoring wildlife habitat, enhancing water quality of the general area, providing floodwater retention benefits and contributing to the protection of groundwater. RES is equipped to execute site restoration plans including site evaluation, preparation, hydrology restoration measures, plant identification, vegetative plantings and post planting maintenance such as noxious and invasive species control. RES operates wetland restoration processes in compliance with regulations set forth by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the U.S. EPA and other federal and state agencies.

“Since beginning operations in 2007, when we planted 286,000 seedlings, our Ecological Restoration Services division has blossomed into a robust operation, now having planted over 10 million restorative trees and supplied valuable ecological planting and restoration services for numerous client projects across the country. RES has grown from our Louisiana roots to become the nation’s leader in ecological restoration activities,” said Elliott Bouillion, RES president and CEO.