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RES Joins KKR’s Green Solutions Platform

August 16, 2016

We are proud to announce that RES is featured in this year’s release of the results of the Green Solutions Platform (GSP), a global environmental program of our investment partner, KKR. The GSP is KKR’s global effort to identify, support, and highlight environmental initiatives at KKR portfolio companies across three areas: eco-efficiency, eco-innovation, and/or eco-solutions. The program applies KKR’s approach of assessing, measuring, optimizing, and highlighting performance to support participating portfolio companies’ efforts to manage their environmental impacts while also seeking to improve their businesses.

The GSP – launched in December 2015 – follows eight years of results and impact from KKR’s pioneering environmental initiative, the Green Portfolio Program (GPP). The GSP now includes nearly 30 reporting companies.

You can access today’s press release here:
http:// med ia.kk m/ med ia/ med ia_ re lea sedeta i l.c f m? Re leaseI D=984039 You can access the RES case study here:

You can access the Green Solutions Platform website here:

RES, founded in 2007, is the nation’s leading supplier of ecological solutions that facilitate investment and sustainable economic development, while maintaining responsible environmental stewardship. For more information, visit RES at