Featured News > RES’ Lucas Farm Nutrient Bank Project Marks a Milestone in Chesapeake Bay Watershed Restoration

RES’ Lucas Farm Nutrient Bank Project Marks a Milestone in Chesapeake Bay Watershed Restoration

October 25, 2023

Richmond, VA – The Lucas Farm Nutrient Bank project, located in the Montross area of Westmoreland County, Virginia, spearheaded by RES, represents a groundbreaking achievement as it becomes the first living shoreline nutrient bank in the Commonwealth of Virginia and the Chesapeake Bay watershed. This visionary endeavor seeks to rejuvenate coastal habitats while combatting the critical issue of nutrient pollution in the bay.

The project has achieved a remarkable milestone by generating nutrient credits in the Potomac River watershed, signifying a tangible improvement in water quality and ecosystem health. By establishing a living shoreline nutrient bank, RES introduced a sustainable solution that mitigates nutrient pollution, provides invaluable ecosystem services, and bolsters the resilience of coastal regions.

Recognizing this initiative’s significance, RES collaborated with the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to develop a comprehensive Nutrient Reduction Implementation Plan. This plan encompasses essential components such as a monitoring and maintenance plan and a long-term stewardship plan. This collaborative effort has established a robust framework that will guide future endeavors in nutrient trading and ecosystem restoration throughout the region.

The Lucas Farm Nutrient Bank project is a testament to RES’ prowess in environmental restoration, regulatory compliance, and collaborative partnerships. Through pioneering this innovative approach and collaborating closely with DEQ, RES is actively contributing to the improvement of the local water quality and living resources and the overarching restoration endeavors within the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

This remarkable project sets a precedent for future living shoreline initiatives and serves as a model for inventive and sustainable solutions in the fight against nutrient pollution. It stands as a beacon of hope for protecting the invaluable coastal ecosystems within the Chesapeake Bay. RES remains steadfast in its commitment to advancing environmental stewardship and driving positive change in coastal communities.