News > Virginia DOT Selects RES for Multi-Year Supply of Nutrients Offsets

Virginia DOT Selects RES for Multi-Year Supply of Nutrients Offsets

July 22, 2015

The Virginia Department of Transportation has awarded RES an eighteen-month contract, with multiple renewal periods, to supply Phosphorus offsets in the Potomac and James watersheds. These credits are used to address Post Construction Water Quality Requirements on VDOT construction projects located within the Chesapeake Bay Watershed area of the Potomac River.

RES participated in a multi-year competitive bid process in Virginia for the first time and emerged as a supplier. RES nutrient offset solutions in Virginia are developed under the guidance of the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality using Best Management Practices approved as a Nutrient Reduction Implementation Plan. Conversion of land from agricultural use to habitat suitable for water filtration is a central method of enhancing water quality in the region.

“The RES team has worked diligently to address numerous water quality challenges faced by the Chesapeake Bay watershed. RES now has three nutrient offset assets operating in Virginia and is committed to additional delivery in both the near and long term. We are delighted with to be awarded this supply contract. Nutrient offsets are a new water quality trading solution offered by RES and a natural extension to our wetland, stream and habitat solution set,” said Elliott Bouillion, RES president and CEO.