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Beaver Island Habitat Rehabilitation and Enhancement Projects


Iowa | Clinton County
Habitat Types
  • Wetland
Ecological Setting
Floodplains, Wetlands


Terence Ruane

D: 406.579.0027

The Beaver Island Habitat Rehabilitation and Enhancement Project (HREP) is in Clinton County, Iowa, between the cities of Camanche and Clinton, in Pool 14 on Upper Mississippi River. The project area is comprised of interconnected backwaters, secondary channels, wetlands, and floodplain habitat. The complex of backwaters and wetlands has historically provided spawning, nursery, and overwintering habitat for fish and feeding and resting habitat for migratory water birds.

During the project, RES was focused on timber stand improvement such as tree releases, girdling, restoration of native floodplain forest vegetation and other interspersed tree plantings. The treatment areas are located on the downstream half of Beaver Island, which is in Navigation Pool 14 near Clinton, Iowa spanning from river mile 516 to 513. In total, this task order included approximately 123 acres of enhancement area.

As a sub to Red Bison, LLC, RES staff performed all Timber Stand Improvement work, including identification and marking of all trees to be cut or girdled and all free and geometric thinning to release desirable trees. RES staff also supported sourcing of plant material and transportation of plants from shore to the island, as well as conducted all plant layout and recorded GPS locations for approximately 4,000 containerized native trees and shrubs. RES also served as the contractor’s on-site quality control manager during TSI and planting activities.

Funding for this HREP was provided by The Upper Mississippi River Restoration (UMRR) Program. Authorized by the Water Resources Development Act of 1986, the UMRR is the first environmental restoration and monitoring program undertaken on a large river system in the United States.