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BHP Terrebonne Biodiversity and Resiliency Projects


Project Type
Non-Bank Project
Louisiana | Terrebonne Parish
Project Size
Wetland: 125 AC
Climate Adaptation & Flood Resilience, Corporate Sustainability Initiatives (CSR, ESG)
Habitat Types
  • Bottomland Hardwood Forest
  • Marsh
  • Nitrogen
  • Nutrient
  • Phosphorus
  • Wetland


Brittany Lancon

D: 337.443.6929

The BHP Terrebonne Biodiversity and Resiliency Projects employ cypress swamp plantings and marsh terrace creation – both proven ecological restoration approaches that improve the quality of lands and waters that support human, animal, and marine populations, especially along Louisiana’s fragile, eroding coastline.

These projects maintain the values of the ecosystem as larger-scale public projects in the state’s coastal master plan come online over time. Once completed, the projects will restore 125 acres of wetlands, with an estimated economic value of $1.2 million per year, 280 tons of carbon sequestered per year, and the elimination of up to 265 pounds of phosphorus and 10,600 lbs of nitrogen each year to improve water quality in those areas.

The projects will be the first two listed in America’s Wetland Conservation & Restoration Registry. This Registry is an inventory and reporting of private projects, consistent with Louisiana’s coastal master plan, that has been completed or planned and available for private sponsorship and funding.

As an integral partner in the project, RES is restoring the historic Cypress-Tupelo Swamp habitat through the planting of 30,000 restorative cypress trees, plus invasive species management, with the goal set on bringing the area back to its historic state. Additionally, RES designed, permitted, and is constructing a 25-acre marsh terrace with 5,000 cypress trees and 35,000 marsh grass plugs. Our team is committed to the project through five years of monitoring, mapping, and reporting along with annual drone flights to demonstrate project success.