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Cedar Grove


Project Type
Mitigation Bank
North Carolina | Orange County
Service Area
Neuse - Upper Falls
Project Size
Wetland: 63 AC Streams: 7270 LF Nutrient: 55,052 nitrogen, 3,545 phosphorus IBS
Stormwater Management & Water Quality, Wetland Mitigation
Habitat Types
  • Buffer
  • Nitrogen
  • Nutrient
  • Phosphorus
  • Stream

The Cedar Grove bank parcel is located within the Upper Falls Lake watershed in the Neuse River Basin (HUC 03020201). Prior to restoration, the site operated as a public golf course, with stormwater runoff draining into the East Fork Eno River. The restoration of this site improved and protected water quality within the Falls Lake watershed of the Neuse River Basin, by providing mitigation for unavoidable impacts from development. The mitigation was composed of stream restoration, riparian buffer, and nutrient offsets. Within the conservation easement, existing riparian areas were restored and enhanced to generate both buffer and nutrient offset (nitrogen and phosphorus) credits. In addition, the dimension, pattern, and profile of existing perennial and intermittent stream channels located within the conservation easement were restored at the site. Of the 63-acre conservation easement, approximately 43.74 acres are dedicated to Neuse buffer restoration/enhancement and nutrient offset-related restoration. A total of 15.19 acres of riparian buffer credits were generated. The remaining acreage of the riparian restoration area provided nitrogen and phosphorus offset credits within the Upper Falls Lake watershed.