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Dogtown Mitigation Bank


Project Type
Mitigation Bank, Nutrient Bank
North Carolina | Catawba County
Project Size
Streams: 11,026 LF
Stormwater Management & Water Quality, Wetland Mitigation


Travis Cooke

M: 336.255.8452

The Dogtown Mitigation Bank Site presents an opportunity to restore, enhance, and preserve 11,026 linear feet of stream and riparian corridor, generating a base amount of 7,786 Stream Mitigation Units (SMUs). The site will provide numerous ecological and water quality benefits within the Catawba River Basin. These benefits are not limited to the project area but have more far-reaching effects throughout the Catawba River Basin.
The site will provide improvements to water quality, hydrologic function, and habitat.

As stated in the North Carolina Division of Mitigation Services (DMS) Catawba River Basin Restoration Priorities (RBRP) report (amended 2013), the following restoration and protection goals are listed for the watershed:

  1. Protection of drinking water supplies, including the reservoirs of Mountain Island Lake, Lake
    Norman, and Lake Rhodhiss;
  2. Restoring impaired biology on creeks impacted by stormwater runoff; and
  3. Protecting important species and significant natural and cultural resources in Lyle Creek.

This bank is designed to help meet goals one and two. The project will address stressors identified in the watershed through nutrient removal, sediment removal, runoff filtration, and improved aquatic and
terrestrial habitat.

Additionally, the Dogtown Project presents the opportunity to develop 606,141.24 riparian buffer mitigation credits by establishing or preserving a native forested and herbaceous riparian buffer plant community with a minimum width of 50 feet and a maximum of 200 feet from the top of the bank of the mitigated channels.