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East Branch Codorus Creek


Project Type
Mitigation Bank
Pennsylvania | York County
Service Area
State Water Plan Subbasin 7
Environmental Mitigation, Stream Mitigation, Wetland Mitigation
Habitat Types
  • Stream
  • Wetland
Ecological Setting
Streams, Wetlands

    The East Branch Codorus Creek project is a mitigation bank that aims to restore and preserve a functional stream and wetland system. This project serves as an in-kind replacement for the loss or degradation of stream and wetland resources resulting from unavoidable impacts in the immediate or adjacent subbasins. The restoration efforts utilize a floodplain restoration approach and incorporate a comprehensive planting plan to improve degraded or lost streams/wetlands and provide significant ecological uplift.

    Through this project, the East Branch Codorus Creek team aims to create a self-sustaining ecosystem that supports the local flora and fauna and enhances overall ecological resiliency. The team will monitor and maintain the site to ensure long-term success and that all necessary permits and regulatory requirements have been met.

    Overall, the East Branch Codorus Creek project represents a significant step forward in restoring and preserving vital stream and wetland resources in the region. Through this project, we hope to demonstrate the importance of conservation and restoration efforts in maintaining a healthy and sustainable environment for future generations.