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Even Flow Mitigation Bank


Project Type
Mitigation Bank
Project Size
Wetland: 13.5 AC Streams: 2,00 LF
Environmental Mitigation, Stream Mitigation, Wetland Mitigation
Habitat Types
  • Stream
  • Wetland
Ecological Setting
Streams, Wetlands


Kristen Keene

M: 443.613.4492

The Even Flow Mitigation Bank in Frederick County is the first under RES’s Umbrella Banking Instrument in Maryland, delivering substantial ecological benefits to the local community through comprehensive wetland and stream restoration efforts.

The project included restoring and enhancing wetlands, totaling 9.83 credits of PFO nontidal wetlands. This encompassed 8.24 acres of restoration and 5.22 acres of enhancement. Additionally, the project involves 2,502 functional feet/credits for stream improvements, including 1,259 feet of preservation, 902 feet of enhancement, and 6,787 feet of restoration.

The Even Flow Mitigation Bank brings numerous environmental advantages to Frederick County, including enhanced water quality, improved filtration of nutrients and pollutants, and increased floodplain access and connectivity. The project also promotes stable stream patterns and banks and enhances riparian buffers with native plantings. These plantings contribute to bank stability, provide shade, and aid in nutrient absorption, fostering a more resilient ecosystem.

This project underscores RES’s commitment to ecological restoration and community enhancement. The Even Flow Mitigation Bank sets a new standard for future mitigation efforts in Maryland and beyond by restoring and preserving natural resources. The project’s initial credit release marks a pivotal milestone, enabling continued ecological improvements and promoting sustainable development in the region.