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Feed & Seed Mitigation Bank


Project Type
Mitigation Bank, Nutrient Bank
North Carolina | Randolph County
Service Area
Cape Fear 03 River Basin | Randleman Lake Watershed | HUC 03030003
Environmental Mitigation, Stream Mitigation
Habitat Types
  • Buffer
  • Stream
Ecological Setting
Riparian Systems, Streams

The Feed & Seed Mitigation Bank (the Project) is located in the Randleman Lake Watershed within the Cape Fear Basin (HUC 03030003). The project streams have been significantly impacted by livestock access and a lack of riparian buffer. Therefore, the project objectives are to install fencing to exclude livestock from the project easement, restore and stabilize degraded streams, and replant native hardwood vegetation within the non-forested area. These objectives will improve water quality in tributaries that drain directly into Randleman Reservoir. The Project will generate approximately 2,828 SMUs for unavoidable stream impacts in HUC 03030003 and approximately 620,000 Randleman buffer credits.