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Foster Run Stream Mitigation


Project Type
Mitigation Bank
West Virginia | Tyler County
Service Area
5020002-West Fork | 5020003-Monongahela | 5030101-Upper Ohio North | 5030106-Upper Ohio South | 5030201-Middle Ohio North | 5030203-Little Kanawha
Project Size
Wetland: 3.95 AC Streams: 59,381 LF
Wetland Mitigation
Habitat Types
  • Bottomland Hardwood Forest
  • CWA 404
  • Riparian
  • Stream
  • Wetland

The Foster Run Mitigation Bank is located on approximately 347.03-acres, on five parcels of land. The goal of the Foster Run Mitigation Bank is to restore, enhance, and preserve self-sustaining, functional streams and wetlands to mitigate for the functions lost due to unavoidable off-site impacts to streams and wetlands. The over-arching goal of this project is to restore hydrology, hydraulic, and geomorphic functions to stream and riparian ecosystems within the site boundary.