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Project Type
Mitigation Bank
North Carolina | Surry County
Service Area
Yadkin 01
Project Size
Streams: 4,782 LF
Wetland Mitigation
Habitat Types
  • Stream

The Gideon Mitigation site is located within a rural watershed in Surry County, approximately 10 miles north of Elkin and seven miles west of Dobson. The project lies within the Yadkin River Basin, NCDWR sub-basin 03-04-01 and USGS 14-digit HUC 03040101080020, a TLW. The project is comprised of a single easement location along Mill Creek and three unnamed tributaries, totaling 4,782 existing linear feet, which eventually drain into the Yadkin River. The project is between two sections of the 26.14-acre DMS Little Sebastian Site.

The streams proposed for restoration have been significantly impacted by livestock production, agricultural practices, and a lack of riparian buffer. The project proposes to restore 2,283 LF; enhance 1,991 LF; preserve 508 LF of existing stream, generating nearly 3,000 Cool SMUs; and provide water quality benefits for 3,225 acres of project drainage area.