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Halo Ranch Full Delivery/Turnkey Mitigation Option


Project Type
Potential PRM
California | Sonoma County
California black rail, California Ridgway’s rail, Longfin smelt, Salmonids, Salt marsh harvest mouse
Ecological Setting
Riparian Systems, Wetlands


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Located in a key wildlife linkage corridor, the Halo Ranch project-specific mitigation solution site contains tidal marsh habitat contiguous with the Petaluma Marsh Wildlife Area with special-status species, including salt marsh harvest mouse, and California Ridgway and black rail. The site is available in whole or in part for species mitigation to offset impacts from projects in the North Bay (see map below). The turnkey site is 51 acres of species habitat mitigation and lies adjacent to the Halo Ranch Mitigation Bank, also managed by RES.

In addition to the Halo Ranch PRM, we also manage the Halo Ranch Mitigation Bank. Learn more about our Halo Ranch Mitigation Bank here.