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Herbert Hoover Dike Culverts 1 & 1A Rehabilitation


Project Type
Non-Bank Project
Florida | Glades County


Sandy Walters

M: 305.924.0195

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Jacksonville District is currently conducting a complete rehabilitation of facilities associated with the Herbert Hoover Dike surrounding Lake Okeechobee. The Dike contains 32 culverts, which are either being removed or replaced by several projects being implemented through 2023.

RES, then Sandra Walters Consultants, Inc., was responsible for performing all pre-construction environmental tasks and establishing all species, turbidity, and erosion control monitoring protocols, reporting, and environmental training during construction for one of the first projects being implemented—the replacement of culverts 1 and 1A in Glades County.

SWC accomplishments included:

  • Prepared and received USACE approval for Environmental Protection Plan.
  • Prepared and received USACE approval for Stormwater Pollution Protection Plan (SWPPP) and amendments.
  • Processed NPDES authorization.
  • Received USACE approval for required species monitor qualifications.
  • Conducted all pre-construction species monitoring and received USACE approval for reports.
  • Created and implemented environmental education process for construction personnel, including designing and printing waterproof field booklet for onsite use, and designing Powerpoint presentation for training sessions.
  • Conducted environmental training for the first six months of construction.
  • Conducting species monitoring during the first four months of construction and preparing and receiving USACE approval of all monitoring reports.
  • Successfully processed dewatering permit application in two weeks.
  • Prepared Boating Maintenance of Traffic Plan for the federal waterway where construction work is occurring and received USACE, US Coast Guard, and FWC approvals.
  • Established procedure for turbidity monitoring, including training all personnel, conducted monitoring for the first six months of construction, and prepared and received USACE approval for all required monitoring reports.