Ivey-Ferguson Nutrient Bank

  • North Carolina
  • Orange County
  • Wetlands: 13.96 AC
  • Nutrient: 9,252 nitrogen, 283 phosphorus IBS
Service Territory
  • Wetlands, Streams or Nutrients: Cape Fear Riparian Buffer and Nutrient Umbrella Bank Functional Uplift

The Ivey Ferguson Nutrient Bank Site is located within the Upper New Hope Arm of the B. Everett Jordan Lake watershed in Orange County. Stormwater run-off from this site drained into an unnamed tributary of Phils Creek which in turn emptied into University Lake approximately 3.4 miles downstream. Through about 12-acres of a re-forested buffer area, this bank site produced water quality improvements within the watershed. RES planted trees to provide run-off filtration and nutrient uptake along 2,700 linear feet of channel. Due to its location within the sub-watershed, the Ivey Ferguson Bank Parcel has a 40% delivery factor for nitrogen removal and a 19% delivery factor for phosphorus removal.