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Project Type
Nutrient Bank
North Carolina | Orange County
Service Area
Neuse - Upper Falls
Project Size
Wetland: 13.96 AC Nutrient: 9,252 nitrogen, 283 phosphorus IBS
Stormwater Management & Water Quality
Habitat Types
  • Nitrogen
  • Nutrient
  • Phosphorus

The Ivey Ferguson site is located within the Upper New Hope Arm of the B. Everett Jordan Lake watershed in Orange County. Stormwater run-off from this site drained into an unnamed tributary of Phils Creek which in turn emptied into University Lake approximately 3.4 miles downstream. Through about 12-acres of a re-forested buffer area, this bank site produced water quality improvements within the watershed. RES planted trees to provide run-off filtration and nutrient uptake along 2,700 linear feet of channel. Due to its location within the sub-watershed, the Ivey Ferguson Bank Parcel has a 40% delivery factor for nitrogen removal and a 19% delivery factor for phosphorus removal.