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Laguna Terrace East Conservation Bank

  • California
  • Sacramento County
Service Territory
  • Species & Related Habitats: Swainson's hawk, Vernal pool fairy shrimp

The 200-acre Laguna Terrace East Conservation Bank located in Sacramento County consists of vernal pools, vernal swales, vernal pool/swale complex, vernal marsh, seasonal wetland, vernal pool tailings, stock pond, and upland habitats within a larger 549.5-acre property.

The Bank was approved by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service for vernal pool preservation, vernal pool fairy shrimp, and Swainson’s hawk. Swainson’s hawk mitigation is available for CEQA permitted impacts within Sacramento County.

Available Credit Types

  • Swainson’s hawk

Previously Available Credit Types

  • Vernal pool fairy shrimp (sold out)