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Laurel Hill Creek Mitigation Bank

  • Pennsylvania
  • Somerset County
  • Wetlands: 16 AC
  • Streams: 19,000 LF
Service Territory
  • Wetlands, Streams or Nutrients: HUC 02040203

Laurel Hill Creek Mitigation Bank is a large watershed scale mitigation bank intending to restore and preserve self-sustaining functional stream, wetland, and riparian corridors. Across the Project, approximately 19,000 linear feet of streams and 16 acres of wetlands were restored or enhanced. Project development efforts provide an in-kind replacement for the direct loss or functional degradation of stream and wetland resources that result from unavoidable impacts within the Monongahela River Subbasin or adjacent Subbasins.

The Project was approved and constructed in 2020. The Project is entering its first year monitoring period and is expected to demonstrate outstanding performance.