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Liberty Island Conservation Bank


Project Type
Conservation Bank
California | Yolo County
Species Habitat Mitigation
Delta smelt, Longfin smelt, Riparian habitat (California), Salmonids, Shaded riverine aquatic


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The 186-acre Liberty Island Conservation Bank is located in the Yolo Bypass in Yolo County and consists of a mosaic of open water, riparian, marsh, and upland (including seasonally inundated grassland) habitat.

The Bank was approved by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, California Department of Fish & Wildlife, and National Marine Fisheries Service to provide mitigation for authorized impacts to salmonids, longfin smelt, Delta smelt, riparian, and tule marsh. The service area for salmonids and Delta smelt includes the boundaries of the Delta, while the longfin smelt service area includes the Delta, Honker Bay, Suisun Bay, Grizzly Bay, San Pablo Bay, San Francisco Bay, the Napa River, and any major tributaries as approved by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Available Credit Types

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Previously Available Credit Types

  • Riparian shaded riverine aquatic (sold out)