Little Westham Creek/Gambles Mill Eco-Corridor

  • Virginia
  • Henrico County
  • Streams: 2,300 LF


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RES is providing a turnkey project to deliver up to 1,440 pounds of Total Phosphorous (TP) removal to the City of Richmond. RES is providing all site survey, credit calculations, design, permitting, construction, and post-construction monitoring. RES is partnered with the University of Richmond to restore a 2,300 linear feet stream on campus through an often unused section of the campus. RES is working with a subcontractor to create an Eco-Corridor Masterplan in conjunction with the University for amenities and a trail along the stream. In addition to the 2,300LF stream restoration construction efforts, RES is providing extensive invasive species management. As a unique feature to the vegetation maintenance, goats were contracted for the initial “hooves-on-the-ground”work for the project. The herd grazed approximately ten acres of forest that had been densely vegetated with non-native invasive plant species. RES used the site as a “working” classroom hosting multiple classes where University of Richmond students learned about stream conditions, stream sampling, and invasive species. Future work will include bat surveys using sonic recorders. After construction, RES will conduct additional surveys with students to document the restored site conditions.