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Mud Creek Stream Mitigation Bank

  • Tennessee
  • Morgan County
  • Streams: 36,234 LF
Service Territory
  • Wetlands, Streams or Nutrients: 06010201-Watts Bar Lake | 06010207-Lower Clinch | 06010208-Emory

The Mud Creek Stream Mitigation Bank site is in east central Tennessee, approximately 27 miles northeast of Crossville in the central part of Morgan County in the town of Wartburg. The site has one main access point located on the northern side of Letory Road (36.107390, -84.571612). Approximately 34 acres of this property is located within the HUC-12 Middle Emory River watershed and the remainder of the property, approximately 914 acres, is located within the HUC-12 Crooked Fork watershed. These watersheds are both located within the HUC-8 Emory River watershed, which is within the Upper Tennessee basin and falls on the line of the Level III eco-regions 68 (Southwestern Appalachians) and 69 (Central Appalachians). The site will incorporate approximately 6.9 miles (36,234 LF) of headwater intermittent and perennial stream channels along the main channel and several unnamed tributaries to Mud Creek.