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North Carolina (NCDOT/DMS) Water Quality Credits


Project Type
Non-Bank Project
North Carolina | Multiple Locations
Project Size
Streams: 284,000 LF
Stormwater Management & Water Quality
Habitat Types
  • CWA 404
  • MS4
  • Stream


Travis Cooke

M: 336.255.8452

This project, for the North Carolina Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Department of Mitigation Services (DMS), is for the delivery of water credits. The project covers the delivery of ecological restoration credits for NCDOT and DMS in the form of 35+ full delivery/turnkey projects, generating $70 million worth of water quality improvements. It comprises 270+ riparian acres generating 260+ credits, 170+ non-riparian acres generating 100+ credits, 284,000+ LF of stream generating 227,000+ credits, and 65 acres of buffer.