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Quaker Mitigation Bank

  • Pennsylvania
  • Berks County
  • Wetlands: 30 AC
  • Streams: 30,000 LF
Service Territory
  • Wetlands, Streams or Nutrients: HUC 02040203

In 2020, RES completed the construction of the Quaker Mitigation Bank project in Berks County, Pennsylvania. This project re-created a stream and floodplain wetland complex in an area long used for agriculture. The design approach is based on the design of valley topography to produce a high frequency, high duration, and large extent of surface water and groundwater exchange between the channel and floodplain and to promote retention of organic matter, sediment, nutrients, and water within the channel and floodplain.

During flood events, the increased flow in the stream channel is designed to disperse into the wetlands in a more controlled manner, allowing for flood flow storage in the floodplain and preventing erosion damage to streambanks and adjacent property. Deposition of sediment, nutrients, and water into the floodplain during these events promotes the successful establishment of wetland vegetation and the creation of a habitat for wetland fauna.

The site met all necessary monitoring requirements to achieve Stage 1 monitoring in 2021.