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Randolph-1 Stream Mitigation Bank

  • West Virginia
  • Randolph County
  • Wetlands: 3.30 AC
  • Streams: 22,681 LF
Service Territory
  • Wetlands, Streams or Nutrients: 5020001-Tygart Valley | 5020002-West Fork | 5020003-Monongahela | 5020004-Cheat | 5020005-Dunkard | 5020006-Youghiogheny

The Randolph-1 Mitigation Bank is located on 100 acres of a larger 407-acre tract of land. The goal of the Randolph-1 Mitigation Bank is to establish, restore, enhance and preserve self-sustaining, functional streams and wetlands while restoring riparian areas to be properly functioning. In addition to stream mitigation, this site will restore pockets of red spruce to an area where this species natively occurred but are no longer present. The site will also provide and protect habitat for other threatened and endangered species such as Indiana bat, Northern long-eared bat, and Virginia Big-eared Bat. The site anticipates to yield 3,392 stream credits and 2.27 wetland credits.