Places > Robinson Fork – Phase I Wetland & Stream Mitigation

Robinson Fork – Phase I Wetland & Stream Mitigation

  • Pennsylvania
  • Washington County
  • Wetlands: 49.66 AC
  • Streams: 127,771.00 LF
Service Territory
  • Wetlands, Streams or Nutrients: Ohio River Subbasin Watershed

The goal of RFMB1 is to restore and preserve self-sustaining, functional streams, wetlands, and riparian corridors. RES has prioritized implementation of a watershed scale restoration approach for this project. The scale of this project purposefully considered the the importance of headwater control as well as main stem restoration. By following these goals, we strive to replace the functions and values lost from adverse impacts to streams and wetland areas due to various permitted development projects within the Ohio River Subbasin (Pennsylvania State Water Plan Subbasin 20). RFMB1 development efforts will provide in-kind replacement for the direct loss or functional degradation of the stream, wetland, and riparian resources that result from unavoidable aquatic resource impacts.