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Scout Mitigation Project


Project Type
Mitigation Bank
North Carolina | Davie County
Service Area
Yadkin 01
Project Size
Streams: 3,144 LF
Wetland Mitigation
Habitat Types
  • Stream


Travis Cooke

M: 336.255.8452

The Scout Mitigation project is located within an agricultural watershed in Davie County, approximately eight miles west of Clemmons and five miles northwest of Bermuda Run within Yadkin River HUC 03040101, in TLW 03040101160010. The project area is comprised of a single easement located along Hauser Creek and two unnamed tributaries. The project is located between two sections of the overall 27-acre DMS Mockingbird site, and upstream of the closed out DMS UT to Hauser Creek project. The DMS Catbird site is in an adjacent catchment to the east. The streams proposed for restoration have been historically impacted by livestock production, agricultural practices, and a lack of riparian buffer.

Goals for the project include an increase to hydrologic function and restoration to ecological function within the existing stream and riparian corridor and protecting these features in perpetuity. These will be accomplished by returning the existing streams to stable conditions by constructing an E/C type stream with appropriate dimensions and pattern, reconnecting Hauser Creek to the floodplain, and backfilling the abandoned channel. In-stream structures will be installed for vertical stability and to improve habitat, where necessary. Buffer improvements will filter runoff from the surrounding pasture lands. The project presents 3,144 LF of stream restoration and enhancement, generating 2,918 Warm SMUs. Construction was completed in May 2020.