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Project Type
Mitigation Bank
North Carolina | Yadkin County
Service Area
Yadkin 01
Wetland Mitigation
Habitat Types
  • Stream

The Twiman Mitigation site is located within a rural watershed dominated by agricultural and low-density residential land use in Yadkin County. The project is located in the Yadkin River Basin within Cataloging Unit 03040101, 14-digit USGS HUC 03040101130010 and DWR sub-basin 03-07-02. The project area is comprised of three easement areas totaling 30.5 acres along multiple tributaries that flow into North Deep Creek. The project is designed to help meet compensatory mitigation requirements for warm stream impacts in the HUC 03040101.

The project proposes to restore 4,074 LF and enhance 5,074 LF of warm stream, producing warm SMUs. The streams proposed for restoration have been significantly impacted by livestock production, impoundments, agricultural production, and lack of riparian buffer. Goals for the Project include an increase to hydrologic function and restoration to ecological function within the existing stream and riparian corridor and protecting these features in perpetuity. These will be accomplished by removing two farm ponds, returning the existing streams to stable conditions, reconnecting channels to their floodplain, and backfilling the abandoned channels. In-stream structures will be utilized for vertical stability and to improve habitat. Buffer improvements will filter runoff from agricultural fields, thereby reducing nutrient and sediment loads to the channel. Livestock exclusion fence will be installed along the easement boundary. Benefits from these activities include improved water quality, and terrestrial and aquatic habitat. Construction is nearly complete as of May 2020.