Places > Upper Susquehanna River – Phase II Stream Mitigation Bank

Upper Susquehanna River – Phase II Stream Mitigation Bank

  • Pennsylvania
  • Tioga and Potter Counties
  • Wetlands: 13.28 AC
  • Streams: 9,374.00 LF
Service Territory
  • Wetlands, Streams or Nutrients: Upper Susquehanna River Subbasin-4

This mitigation bank encompasses 134.43 total acres of land to be protected in perpetuity. The bank restores and preserves self-sustaining, functional stream, wetland, and riparian corridors and replaces the functions and services lost from adverse impacts to streams and wetlands due to various permitted development projects within the Upper Susquehanna River Subbasin. These development efforts will provide an in-kind replacement for the direct loss or functional degradation of the stream, wetland, and riparian resources that result from unavoidable aquatic resource impacts. Also, the structural establishment of these functional improvements in advance of the compensated functional impacts will serve to eliminate the temporal loss of function that may result from alternative mitigation approaches.