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USRMB Phase 2


Project Type
Mitigation Bank
Pennsylvania | Potter and Tioga Counties
Service Area
State Water Plan Subbasin 4
Environmental Mitigation, Stream Mitigation, Wetland Mitigation
Ecological Setting
Streams, Wetlands

The USRMB Phase 2 Mitigation Bank provides in-kind replacement for the loss of stream and wetland resources resulting from unavoidable impacts.

The restoration efforts of the mitigation bank used a floodplain restoration approach, which included incorporating a robust planting plan. The aim was to improve degraded or lost streams/wetlands and provide significant ecological uplift.

Currently, the mitigation bank is in Monitoring Year 3 and has achieved all performance standards, made possible through implementing appropriate restoration measures and monitoring strategies. The monitoring activities carried out during Monitoring Year 3 have included assessing the effectiveness of the planting plan and floodplain restoration approach in restoring and preserving the stream and wetland system. The monitoring results have shown that the project has successfully improved the degraded or lost streams/wetlands, leading to significant ecological uplift.

The USRMB Phase 2 Mitigation Bank is expected to continue providing essential ecological uplift for years to come.