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Walnut Shade Mitigation Bank


Project Type
Mitigation Bank
Tennessee | Macon County
Service Area
05110002-Barren | 05130206-Red River | Upper Cumberland-Cordell Hull Reservoir–05130106 | Old Hickory Lake–05130201 | Cheatham Lake-Lower Cumberland Sycamore Creek–05130202
Project Size
Streams: 21,000 LF
Wetland Mitigation
Habitat Types
  • Riparian
  • Stream


Michael Clark, PE

D: 303.653.8428

The Walnut Shade Mitigation Bank is located in northern, middle Tennessee, approximately 57 miles northeast of Nashville in the eastern part of Macon County in the Town of Red Boiling Springs. This 321-acre property has historically been used for agricultural pasture, hay, and cropland and includes seven impoundments of 21,141 linear feet headwater perennial and intermittent streams. Current stream conditions show signs commonly exhibited by livestock access and extensive channelization including significant sections of eroding and sloughing banks, sparse riparian canopy, and excessive sedimentation resulting in embedded substrate. Consequently, current degraded stream reaches are potentially contributing to water quality issues such as nutrient overloading, turbidity, total suspended solids, and elevated water temperature.

RES is using natural channel design and construction techniques to restore channel hydrology, geomorphology, water quality, and aquatic and riparian habitat. The Walnut Shade mitigation bank will rehabilitate, reestablish or enhance 21,103 linear feet of stream. The Bank’s proposed primary service area watersheds are the Barren River (HUC 8 – 05110002), Red River (HUC 8 – 05130206), Upper Cumberland-Cordell Hull Reservoir (HUC 8 – 05130106), Old Hickory Lake (HUC 8 – 05130201), and Cheatham Lake-Lower Cumberland Sycamore Creek (HUC 8 – 05130202) as a secondary service area.