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Wancopin Creek Turnkey Stream Restoration


Project Type
Non-Bank Project
Virginia | Loudoun County
Stormwater Management & Water Quality
Habitat Types
  • MS4
  • Stream

RES is providing an innovative turnkey stream restoration project on VDOT’s behalf. The project will be enrolled as part of VDOT’s Bay TMDL Action Plan, with the associated nutrient reductions credited toward compliance with the Bay TMDL Special Conditions applicable to VDOT as a regulated MS4 under Virginia’s MS4 General Permit Program. This project is being completed under RES’ VDOT Statewide MS4/TMDL Implementation & Related Activities On-Call Contract.

This project involves the restoration of approximately seven miles of degraded channel along Wancopin Creek, as well as several unnamed perennial and intermittent tributaries to Wancopin Creek and Goose Creek. The project is located on a 900+ acre private property near Middleburg, VA. As the project is situated on private land, RES has acquired all rights necessary to implement the project and seek credit certification on behalf of VDOT. All land acquisition, design, permitting, construction, monitoring, and maintenance work has or will be performed by RES.

The project has already been issued a 404 permit and is in final design. The non-floodplain reaches will go to construction in August, 2018 while the FEMA floodplain reaches have just begun construction. RES has completed design and an assessment of stream conditions supporting a site-specific crediting calculation for the project pursuant to the Expert Panel Report and TMDL Action Plan Guidance. Based on preliminary design and site erosion rate calculations, the Project is expected to yield between 2,205 and 3,748 lbs of Total Phosphorous (TP) reduction. RES has developed technical approaches to load calculations and reductions that produce up to 85% efficiency in load reduction, significantly higher than the 50% allowed by the Expert Panel.