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Wolf King Mitigation Bank


Project Type
Nutrient Bank
North Carolina | Wayne County
Service Area
Neuse River Basin | HUC 03020201
Project Size
Habitat: 8.75 AC Nutrient: 17,856.558 IBS
Nutrient Reduction (TMDL), Stormwater Management & Water Quality
Habitat Types
  • Buffer
  • Nitrogen
  • Nutrient
Ecological Setting
Riparian Systems


Travis Cooke

M: 336.255.8452

The Wolf King Mitigation Bank is located within the Neuse River Basin (03020201) in Wayne County. The project restored 8.75 acres of riparian habitat that was extensively used for agricultural production for over 50 years. Water quality stressors that were affecting the site included pollution from crop production, lack of forested riparian buffer, and manipulation of stream features within the project area. The buffer conditions were significantly degrading with the loss of stabilizing vegetation because of continued crop production.

The goal of the project was to restore and preserve the ecological function of the existing stream and ditch features and their associated riparian buffer areas by establishing appropriate plant communities while minimizing temporal and land disturbing impacts and permanently protecting the newly restored buffer in perpetuity through a conservation easement. Buffer and surrounding riparian area improvements will filter runoff from agricultural fields, thereby reducing nutrient and sediment loads to the site channels and provide water quality benefit to the overall watershed. The bank generates riparian buffer mitigation credits and nutrient offset credits.