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Founded in 2007, Resource Environmental Solutions, LLC (RES) is the nation’s leading provider of ecological solutions.

Our team is focused on supporting responsible economic growth and development through the timely and cost-effective execution of sustainable environmental projects to meet the necessary permitting and regulatory requirements.

We continue expanding into new markets by executing a turnkey delivery approach to satisfy the environmental permitting challenges as well as the implementation of solutions to meet corporate sustainability initiatives.

Our company culture is built on ensuring responsible land stewardship resulting in meaningful conservation outcomes. We are committed to designing and building ecological solutions to meet our clients’ goals in terms of cost, implementation time, and ecological benefit.

With nearly 400 devoted staff across the nation, RES works directly with clients to provide high-quality, client-centric solutions. In total, RES has reduced over 250 tons of nutrients; restored over 294 miles of stream, 58,024 acres of wetlands, and 9,100 acres of endangered species habitats; and planted over 14 million restorative trees.


Kentucky Contacts

Client Solutions Manager
  • D: 502.625.3009
Land Representative & Project Manager
  • D: 502.625.3009
  • M: 502.550.7032
State Business Manager
  • D: 502.625.3009