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Wisconsin is surrounded by great North American water resources on its borders:  Lake Superior to its north, Lake Michigan to its east and the Mississippi and the St. Croix rivers to its west.

The state contains 1,000 miles of Lake Superior and Lake Michigan shoreline, and more than 20% of the state’s land area resides in the Great Lakes basin. Within the state itself, Wisconsin is favored with 15,000 lakes inland lakes and scores of wetlands, most of which are connected to rivers and lakes and under state or federal regulatory jurisdiction.

The state’s waterways play an important role in supporting and facilitating the state’s economy in manufacturing, agriculture, tourism and outdoor recreation.

First introduced in the state in 2018, our ecological solutions facilitate commercial and industrial development and help industrial, agricultural and municipal sources reduce nutrient- and phosphorus-loading into the region’s waterways. We use nature-based solutions including advanced stormwater BMPs and banking solutions to address wetland, riparian, and species mitigation as well as nutrient reduction.


Wisconsin Water Quality Trading Clearinghouse

A centralized location to buy and sell water quality credits

The Wisconsin Water Quality Trading Clearinghouse is a marketplace and facilitator for water quality trading—connecting sellers with buyers to help reduce pollutants, including phosphorus and total suspended solids (TSS), entering surface waters in Wisconsin.

In the past, it has been difficult for trading partners to find each other, but the Clearinghouse creates a centralized location for interested buyers and sellers to engage in water quality trading that ensures long-term certainty while minimizing risk for all parties.

Wisconsin Clearinghouse, LLC operates the Wisconsin Water Quality Trading Clearinghouse through an agreement with the Wisconsin Department of Administration. Wisconsin Clearinghouse, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of RES.

Visit the Wisconsin Water Quality Trading Clearinghouse website for details.

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