About Us

Environmental Stewardship Since 2007

With roots as a pioneer of environmental mitigation, RES enters our second decade as the nation’s only fully scaled operating company providing comprehensive ecological restoration and water resource solutions.

RES serves public and private sector clients with full-delivery, land-based projects that build and sustain natural resiliency in our ecosystems.

Whether it is helping a municipal system absorb surging stormwater, or making sure a watershed retains its ecosystem services via wetlands mitigation, we work every day to protect the essential elements of nature while promoting responsible progress.

We act as stewards of those ecosystems on behalf of our clients, who share our vision of both robust environmental outcomes and streamlined project costs and timelines.

Our projects speak for themselves, and the best way to understand our history and our impacts is to check out our track record, state by state.


Board of Directors

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Clients and Solutions

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Regional Operations

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Our History

Founded in 2007 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, RES quickly expanded along the Gulf Coast and then grew organically into Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio. In December 2014, RES acquired industry pioneer Environmental Banc and Exchange (EBX), established in 1997, expanding our knowledge base and geographic and technical delivery capabilities into Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

In September 2016, RES acquired state-of-the-art water resource and green infrastructure solutions provider Angler Environmental, doubling the size of our team and allowing RES to deliver more comprehensive solutions by integrating ecological construction, shoreline stabilization, stream design, and stormwater and TMDL compliance.

Also in 2016, KKR, a leading global investment firm, announced a major investment in RES. RES became a member of KKR’s Green Solutions Platform, and the resulting partnership provides an important depth of resources and expertise as we help advance the path of responsible development.

Over the last decade, we’ve helped clients successfully permit more than 2,800 projects, creating rich, high-functioning ecosystems as part of each one. Our typical clients include large mining operators, energy production companies, energy transmission companies, Fortune 500 companies, DOTs, municipalities, and other public-sector organizations.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, RES now employs nearly 400 dedicated staff in 15 operational hubs across the country. In total, RES has reduced over 250 tons of nutrients and has restored over 294 miles of stream, 58,024 acres of wetlands, and 9,100 acres of endangered species habitats. In 2018 we also passed the milestone of over 14 million restorative trees planted.