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We are long-term stewards of the earth.

We believe restoration can be a win/win for both humanity and the environment, but only if there’s a repeatable model that supports both sustainability and responsibility.


RES found a way more than a decade ago, to make environmental mitigation markets work as its visionaries intended.

We pioneered a business model built around complete, long-term stewardship of the nature-based systems we restore and rehabilitate. Today, the RES business model of Design/Build/Sustain delivers uniquely successful outcomes because we internalize all facets of the risks of the projects we build 

With the experience to understand those risks, we can address them with design, innovation, creativity and our enduring commitment to long-term adaptive management.  

We apply this approach to all our solutions, not just mitigation. It has created a generation of innovative ecological problemsolvers dedicated to being long-term stewards of the earth. 


“One of the most gratifying parts of working on these projects with RES is we get to really see projects from the very beginning all the way through to the very end, and for many years afterwards. The opportunity to really understand how things work in that process and the opportunities to learn from what we have done are really prominent here.” 

Aaron Hofberg



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